So why pay some guy to come make what is essentially a list and compression of user manuals?

1. John Vergo is very good at it. He organizes the program in a way that is efficient, easy to reference, and easy to maintain. His prevention program uses a calendar based list, and includes a reference section that gives detailed instructions and explanation on service procedures logically and effectively. He does it better than anyone else because he has developed the system over time. My Engineer and I could come up with something similar, but it would take us a month’s time dedicated to it, and the end product would not be nearly as good.

2. John is a very experienced marine and aviation engineer. While he is going through the boat and examining every piece of equipment and system he is essentially performing a mechanical survey and will bring up items of concern and make suggestions.

By nature, the prevention program is thorough and complete. It avoids the out of sight out of mind failures by forcing the Engineer to regularly inspect and service the object as suggested by the manufacturer. It also forces the Engineer and Mate to become familiar with the object, its design, function, etc. It also gets them in the preventative and observant mindset. When the Engineer climbs down and looks at the shaft seals every month, he puts himself in the position to see the low pressure pumps for the water makers, examines the cleanliness of the bilge area, and listens for anything that sounds out of place. When he looks at one thing he makes himself aware of everything else around him.

Captain Brendon Pomeroy

M/Y Fighting Irish

When I joined Charisma the planned maintenance system was a computer based system. There were two problems with this:

1. The planned maintenance “looked” up to date on the computer, but opening the engine room door revealed that it clearly wasn’t! In fact I wondered if anyone had actually got up from the computer and entered the engine room in 4 weeks, it was that bad!

2. The Crew had been discharged (including the Chief Engineer) and no one knew the password to gain access to the planned maintenance system in order to begin getting a handle on what needed to be done and what has already been done.

Your Planned Maintenance system is SIMPLE. A day worker could open the folder and see what needed to be done that day and what had been done. In fact your system even tells him HOW to do it! I can’t shout the praises for this system loud enough! It is the KISS system that makes it brilliant.

Charisma is a busy charter yacht and over the period of a year, your maintenance system and the diligence of the crew have brought Charisma up to her former glory. We manage to make the time to do safety drills with charter guests onboard. We even mange to check bilge alarms whilst all the guests are at the beach for the day. It IS possible and your system breaks the daunting task into small easily chewed bite-sized chunks.


Captain John Penman

M/Y Charisma

Kardinal has been using John Vergo and SYS’s ‘Planned Maintenance System’ on a variety of yachts. The product is very well assembled and self explanatory, and comes with John’s professional expertise and advice. The Planned Maintenance System is a must for the novice mariner and most experienced yacht owner, captain and crew member.

Keep up the great work and service John.

Captain Chris Collins

Kardinal Marine, Fort Lauderdale (954) 224 3346

After having been in yachting for over 3 decades I have finally found a simple, yet practical way of keeping proper records of maintenance on board yachts. I have used computer programs introduced over the years, but never found them to work in the manner one expected, plus in case of hard drive failure you would lose everything. John Vergo of SuperYacht Support has provided the yachting industry a simple and user friendly proven system to maintain the necessary systems and equipment on yachts of any size.

Captain Charlie Kiss

I hired John Vergo of SuperYacht Support to put together the scheduled maintenance manual for both systems and safety equipment. When I took the job I found there was no evidence of a scheduled maintenance manual at all in the life of the yacht (five years), therefore the yacht needed a major overhaul. I would have created one myself but we are full on in a refit and when I was hired we were full on charters so there has been no time to do it myself. John’s manuals are easy to follow and he provides both paper and computer versions.

Captain of a 100 - 120ft Yacht

(Courtesy of The Triton)

John has made it so easy for me to also orientate the new mate/engineer to the yacht. He is impressed with the manuals.

Captain Denise Fox

M/Y Mariah II

I contracted Super Yacht Support to put a planned maintenance system onboard for the Engineer. It was so good, and worked so well, I got them to do another one for the deck department!

No fuss, no confusion, anyone can use it; simple and brilliant! Thanks for saving us time, money and energy!

Captain Nigel Beatty

M/Y Monte Carlo

Since 2005, over 260 yachts have used our “Turnkey” system.

“Only the Best Run Yachts Use SuperYacht Support Planned Maintenance Schedules”

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