Scheduled Yacht Maintenance

Scheduled Yacht Maintenance is probably the most important part of owning and operating a yacht. Without regular servicing, equipment and machinery in the marine environment can quickly become unserviceable. This can be very costly and lead to down time and lengthy refits. If you own or captain a charter yacht, then this can cost you many thousands of dollars of lost income. 

At SuperYacht Support Inc. we specialize in providing customized planned maintenance schedules for yachts that are easy to use, paper or computer based and require little or none of your time to set up.

We do everything for you, we visit the yacht for a day or two, photograph and document all the mechanical, electrical, deck and safety equipment and then put together a complete maintenance schedule for you with instructions and photographs on what needs to be done to accomplish a particular service.

Not only does this help ensure that all equipment is properly maintained, it also acts as a training guide for new crew showing them exactly what needs to be done and when. It also serves as a great familiarization guide for new engineers.

The simple system is provided in both paper and electronic formats so you can choose which is best for you, the electronic version uses Microsoft Word documents for instruction and Microsoft Outlook Calendar to keep the schedule in order.

Since 2005, over 260 yachts have used our “Turnkey” system.

“Only the Best Run Yachts Use SuperYacht Support Planned Maintenance Schedules”

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