SuperYacht Support  Scheduled Maintenance Systems

Why Scheduled Yacht Maintenance?

A Scheduled Maintenance System is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, areas that will be of maximum benefit to a large yacht.

Without regular servicing, equipment and machinery in the marine environment can quickly become unserviceable. This can be very costly and lead to down time and lengthy refits. If you own or captain a charter yacht, then this can cost you many thousands of dollars of lost income.

For example, on one yacht recently visited, the captain showed us a grease nipple on the crane. Because the nipple had been painted over, the motor had not been greased for many years and this had resulted in an unserviceable unit. The estimated bill for the repair was $40,000, plus a month in the yard. Simply greasing this nipple on a regular basis could have prevented this expense and allowed the owner to use his yacht.

How can we help you avoid problems like these?



  • We will visit your yacht and note when and how every piece of equipment and system that needs to be regularly looked at is to be maintained.
  • For accuracy we will study equipment manuals and if these are not available, we will contact the manufacturers to attain the correct information.
  • Digital photos are also included to help temporary and new engineers.
  • A concise manual will be written with complete instructions and presented to you.
  • Our instructions can easily be integrated into any proprietary Yacht Management or Maintenance software.

Safety and Life Saving Equipment Maintenace 

A safety section is also included making sure that all life saving equipment is checked and drills are carried out on a monthly basis.

A form is included which can then be sent to the owner or Management Company.

Bilge & Fire Schematic Totally Nuts John Vergo

Completely Flexible System

Our system is based on the method used on Royal Naval aircraft. It is completely flexible in that if you are on a passage or otherwise engaged then simply roll over the service schedule to a more convenient time.

It is not an expensive software based program because research has shown that most engineers and owner operators simply do not like that kind of system.

If it is not easy to use then it won’t be used!

Bilge & Fire Schematic Totally Nuts John Vergo

How to Simply Service systems and Equipment

Our system shows when and more importantly how to simply service each piece of equipment, from engines and generators to pumps and steering gear.

It actually makes your engineer service a particular piece of equipment correctly and on time.


A General and a Machinery defects log are also included to note what has broken and how that problem was fixed. A copy of this log can also easily be sent to the owner or Management Company.

A well maintained yacht is held in high regard with surveyors, insurance companies and especially to you when you come to sell your vessel.

Since 2005, over 260 yachts have used our “Turnkey” system.

“Only the Best Run Yachts Use SuperYacht Support Planned Maintenance Schedules”

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